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_______________________________ United States Naval Academy Freshmen attempt climbing the Herndon Monument.

Friendships at work are bad for business?

Studies show that when employees cooperate, they are more efficient with the use of resources, produce more innovative products, are more actively engaged, and show lower incidences of detrimental conflicts at work.

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_______________________________ who is the culprit?

Seeing isn’t always believing

What people often need to know about others, they don’t. And that’s because there are certain biases that prevent them from really understanding others. Charlie Irvine, workplace mediator and conflict specialist explains that conflicts arise because people (mainly Westernized citizens) are unable to accurately interpret people’s motives from their actions. What they see isn’t always [...]

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_______________________________ Men protesting for women's rights. Domestic Violence Awareness month.

History is never history

Men and women experience conflict differently. What may be surprising however, is why.

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_______________________________ Conflict competency manual!?

Conflict competence

Business managers are not good at getting to the bottom of workplace conflicts. And that’s because they may not be fully aware of the reasons that conflicts happen in the first place. As such, they end up focusing on the wrong issues.

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I want him fired!

I want him fired! Clearly, when someone says this, they are angry and in a conflict. But what may not be clear is the real message hidden beneath the anger.

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_______________________________ Risk

Business are expected to manage risk of violence with little detail on how to do it.

Businesses are expected to manage the full gamut of behaviors which negatively impact the workplace with little detail on how to do it.

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_______________________________ WaterCooler

Navigating Workplace Harassment: A Roadmap for Women

Being one of the boys! Workplace harassment includes any unwelcome interactions that is severe or pervasive enough to impact your work environment, affect your work status, or is a condition of your continued employment.

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Workplace on the Edge is a project focused on the current psychological health of the workplace. It profiles people directly impacted by it and corporate structures that unwittingly support patterns of abuse unacceptable in other environments.

Despite failing grades, instructor told to fail no less than 5% of the class. He would not be a party to such fraud, he was bullied and threatened with loss of job.

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The effects of this harmful behavior can be devastating and have a long-term impact that may haunt people for years after the bullying takes place.

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CBC Workplace Contributor and Bully-free-zone producer Jennifer Newman talks about how incivility in the workplace is on the rise and its impact on the psychological health of employees.

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In a flourishing workplace people feel free to speak their minds. They ask hard questions without fear of reprisal. In a non-flourishing workplace, people feel they have to “tiptoe” around others and they keep their concerns about workplace issues to themselves.

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The impact of an employee’s behaviour on the entire workplace is now a more significant factor with Bill 168 when an employer is considering the appropriate next steps to be taken. (Ontario, Canada)

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School administrators expend efforts to eliminate bullying amongst students but recent surveys indicate schools are changing way they address and deal with sexual harassment.

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