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Steven Hunt is executive producer of Sound Development Video Productions with experience in journalism and international development.

He has specialized most recently on projects about violence in post-conflict societies.

Steven’s interest in violence on the job comes from his experience in working in conflict zones in Central America and Southern Africa.

In most of those cases, civil wars tore the social fabric that binds societies together in respectful and healthy communities.He sees lots of similarities in workplace violence where normally unacceptable codes of conduct are accepted as a norm.

Furthermore, many of the struggles that workers face coming to grip with that type of environment is not that different from individuals in post-conflict societies who are trying to create change.Steven’s productions have appeared on CBC-TV, VisionTV, CourtTV, Radio Canada, AXESSTV Sweden, RTP Portugal, SIC Portugal, Lanete Poland, AVRO Holland, Documentary Channel US.—


Jennifer Newman

Dr. Jennifer Newman is a registered psychologist. She can be reached at info@drjennifernewman.com.

Dr. Jennifer Newman, R.Psych., is a registered psychologist.Her commitment to the issue of workplace harassment stems from her work cultivating psychologically healthy workplaces.In her practice as an organizational psychologist, Jennifer works with numerous organizations that make employee involvement, recognition, growth, balance and safety, a main priority.

Also, as Past Chair of the Psychologically Healthy Workplace Collaborative, a sub-committee of the British Columbia Psychological Association, Jennifer evaluated organizations for demonstrating excellence in projects, programming and attitudes that promoted employee psychological health.

In this way, Jennifer saw the best that the workplace had to offer.

Knowing that organizations can and do create respectful workplace cultures and they are maintained in the long term, inspired Jennifer to be a part of this project.

Workplace harassment and bullying are not de rigueur, nor does it have to exist and there is something that can be done about it.

Jennifer has seen this first hand, works with organizations that have respectful and psychologically healthy cultures, and she brings this expertise and positive message to our project.

Dr. Newman is active in leadership development, training, coaching and seminar design and implementation.  Her work cultivating successful relationships in the workplace is well known.She is currently a business and workplace columnist for the Vancouver Sun and on CBC Radio.  She worked as a set counselor for the CBC production of Little Criminals and as a script consultant for a National Film Board production—How Dinosaurs Learned to Fly.



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