Why am I interested in this subject!

I am a psychologist who works in the area of interpersonal effectiveness.

So this particular area of concern matters to me for three reasons

Harassment, bullying, disrespect at work is:

  • Unhealthy
Jennifer Newman

Dr. Jennifer Newman is a registered psychologist. She can be reached at info@drjennifernewman.com.

The damage done to individuals and organizations cannot be underestimated.

Targeted employees suffer crippling levels of self doubt and self blame when they are harassed.  The rates of depression and anxiety are high and the toll it takes on people’s confidence is extreme.

Ironically, it is some of the organization’s most conscientious and hard working staffers who end up injured in this way.  Harassment isn’t visible like a bruise or cut, it can be worse, it can be no less than a slight to the soul.

If you ask anyone who has had this experience, they’ll tell you that it took over their lives and many are still recovering.

Organizations suffer too.  Productivity is lost when talented people leave, morale plummets and turnover increases.

  • Unjust

In many cases of harassment and bullying, the target leaves the organization, scarred and sometimes discredited.  The bully or mobbers, as they can travel in packs, often remain at work.

Mission accomplished.

Having driven the target out, they turn their attention to the next person.

Little is done.  There is relatively no legislation that deals with the insidiousness of the problem.  People who complain can be doubly victimized by a process that investigates and finds no evidence of wrongdoing.

  • Unnecessary

Incivility, harassment and bullying at work is completely unnecessary, and does not have to be tolerated.

It does not have to exist in workplaces and as such it can be eliminated.

I know this because I have seen and experienced healthy workplaces, witnessed unhealthy workplaces change and seen bullying climates transform.  I have seen individuals experience justice and fairness. I know harassment does not have to continue. We can end harassment in the workplace.  I know this for a fact.

One Response to Why am I interested in this subject!

  • Liz says:

    I am very interested in your research. I work in a top rated university where I believe that I have been the target of mobbing for years. This summer I was suspended from work for spurious allegations made by a group of my colleagues. Successful courses that I write are regularly axed. What interests me is your sense that unhealthy working environments can be turned around. This is what I am trying to work towards in my university – but the first step of getting them to admit that bullying even exists is challenging.

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